Our History

50 years building stories of trust

“Plaenge started so small that it could fit in a room; however, at 50, it turned into the largest construction company in south Brazil. This was only possible with the collaboration of people who followed our principles: to do the right thing, to be useful, to keep our word and to persevere.

Our philosophy has always valued the long-term vision We completed 50 years of a trajectory based on values that have been present since our origins, especially in trust with our relationships with our clients.

Trust built by associates who have to faced many challenges during these five decades from hyperinflation, several economic plans, stagnation of the 80’s, the Plano Real to global changes such as the opening of the market with globalization and the internet.

Trust built with each client that put in our hands their dreams of living with sophistication, comfort and elegance.”

Ézaro Fabian
Plaenge’s founder

Ézaro Fabian

"Having people to share your dreams with is something that can only be achieved via hard work, ethics and exemplary behaviour."

Ézaro Fabian
Plaenge's founder


The beginning of a great dream

Founded in 1970, Grupo Plaenge is currently recognised as one of the most important engineering groups in the country, operating in the real estate development and industrial construction sectors. Created from the vision and values of its founder, Ézaro Fabian, the company has been supported by five core values present in its culture:

  • To be ethical
  • To be useful
  • To persevere
  • To get it right
  • To work as a team


Our first great project

The Coca-Cola plant, built in the metropolitan region of Londrina, was the first major project and the beginning of a chain of value and trust that allowed us to build 60% of their plants in Brazil.


Plaenge's new headquarters

Construction of our first office on Avenida Tiradentes, Londrina.


The construction of the Olga Building

Plaenge’s first real estate project built in Londrina city centre the 12-story Olga Building.


Industrial Division

Creation of Emisa, a company specialised in industrial and assembly projects, which in 2014 became Plaenge Industrial.


Complete Industrial Solutions

Integration of several engineering areas to
offer the “turn-key” system to our
clients (turn-key project).


Beginning of our activities in Cuiabá

Planning and long-term vision were decisive in choosing Cuiabá as the second city to receive Plaenge’s real estate business operations.


Arrival in Campo Grande

Beginning of our activities in the real estate sector in the capital city of Mato Grosso do Sul, and introduction of our brand to the residents of Campo Grande.


Beginning o four digitization process

Pioneer in using microcomputers networks, intranet and digital information control in the civil construction sector.


Coca-Cola in Venezuela

Plaenge’s  first contract abroad: the construction of Coca-Cola plants in Venezuela.


Creation of the Flexible Floor Plans System

Registered at the INPI and later-on adopted by the entire real estate market, our system allows clients to choose the floor plant model that best suits their needs and living style. The Central  Park Apartment Building in Campo Grande was the first project with such innovation.


Creation of the ‘Delivery Insurance Project’

Partnerships with international insurance companies to offer ‘Delivery Insurance Project’ to clients.  Until now, Plaenge is the only Brazilian construction company to include this distinctive feature in real estate projects.


Introduction of the Centre of Decorated Apartments concept

The company innovated by creating a single and unique place to present our decorated apartments to our clients. This new concept allows our clients to see different floor plans in a single place, checking the actual size of all rooms, plus project details and finishing.

\\\\\ See Testimony


Creation of a Code of Ethics

The first Brazilian construction company to adopt a Code of Ethics to guide our relationships. Honesty and respect are the basic principles in developing our work.  Our guarantee, as a Group, is to carry out quality projects and establish lasting relationships with the market and the communities where we operate.


Beginning of our activities in Curitiba

Beginning of our activities in the real estate sector in the capital city of Paraná, with the Plaenge brand.


Creation of the Vanguard Home brand

By uniting our expertise about the Brazilian real estate market with the knowledge acquired from visits to Spain, Mexico and Chile, we started offering apartments aimed at first-time buyers. The Vanguard Home was born from this idea, a brand that combines great personality, boldness and the reliability of Grupo Plaenge.


Production Digital Control

Pioneer company in implementing a complete digital control system for all processes in the real estate sector in Brazil.


Introduction of the Vanguard brand in Curitiba/PR and Campo Grande/MS

Beginning of our activities in the real estate sector with the Vanguard brand in the capital cities of Paraná and Mato Grosso do Sul.


Introduction of the Vanguard brand in Cuiabá/MT

The capital of Mato Grosso welcomes the first real estate development by the Vanguard brand.


Beginning of our activities in Maringá

Beginning of our activities in the real estate sector in the city of Maringá, with the Plaenge brand.


Arriving in Chile

By crossing borders, Plaenge started operations in the real estate sector in this Andean country.

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Introduction of the Vanguard brand in Joinville/SC

Beginning of operations in the real estate sector with the Vanguard brand in the largest city in Santa Catarina.


Publication of the book "A Construção do Sonho"

To celebrate 40 years of operations, Plaenge published a book that tells the company´s story, philosophy and values, based on testimonials from the company´s directors, associates, clients and partners.

\\\\\ See Testimony


Building of the new Coca-Cola plant in Recife/PE

With this project, the company became responsible for the construction and assembly of more than 60% of the Coca-Cola plants in Brazil.


Geo Energética

Project development, assembly and construction of the main technology and biogas knowledge hub in Brazil, with the development of solutions for energy generation by using organic waste on a large scale.


Delivery of the first phase of the SIG Combibloc

New packaging plant from the German multinational Sig Combibloc, in Campo Largo/PR, with 31.000 m² of constructed area.


LEED Certification

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) certification granted for the construction of the new Matte Leão plant in Curitiba/PR.


Started operations in the Urban Development Area

Started operations in the area of planned neighborhoods and private gated communities in several cities around Brazil.


Launched Vanguard in Chile

Started activities in the real estate sector with the Vanguard brand in Chile.


Double LEED certification

Double Environmental certification granted for the construction of the new Coca-Cola plant in Maringá/PR.


Arrival in Santiago, Chile

Purchasing of a strategic site in the city of Santiago, beginning a new and important expansion cycle of the company in Chile.


Partnership with Porsche Consulting

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Improvement and innovation of our constructive project processes in partnership with the renowned international consulting firm, Porsche Consulting. Cutting-edge management techniques from the German car industry brought to our projects and products in Brazil.


Watch the video to know
more about this partnership


Implementation of the BIM Project of project system and execution convergence

System that allows the complete digitalization of projects and execution data in a single platform. Plaenge was the pioneer and is currently at the forefront of the application of BIM at scale in real estate projects in Brazil.


Coca-Cola, Rio de Janeiro

Building of  the first 4.0 Coca-Cola plant in Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro, with 55 thousand m².


New Sicredi headquarters in Maringá

Construction of the new Sicredi headquarters in Maringá. A bold project, with several architectural innovations, which promises to be the new icon in the city.


Beginning of our operations in Campinas

Beginning of our operations in the real estate sector in the largest city in the interior of Brazil, with the Plaenge brand.


Launching of the first Private House Complex

With the launching of the Riviera Home Club, we expanded the Group’s portfolio with the first high-standard horizontal real estate development in Campo Grande/MS.


Cacique Café Solúvel in Linhares/ES

Project development and construction of the new industrial unit of Cacique Café Solúvel in Espírito Santo.


Introduction of the Vanguard brand in Porto Alegre/RS

Beginning of our activities in the real estate sector with the Vanguard brand in the capital of Rio Grande do Sul.


Celebration of 50 years of operations in the construction sector

Publication of the book “Valores de uma Construção”, material in which .the company´s founder leaves a message to future generations on the values behind these 50 years of history.

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